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What is DingoCoin

Dingocoin is the most successful cryptocurrency fork of Dogecoin, with revolutionary innovations and unstoppable developments.



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About Dingo Browser Wallet

Dingo browser wallet is a user-friendly innovative wallet that is easy to use and install, it has all the required features such as send and receives option. It has the ability to create a new address on installation or you can simply just import your old wallet into it (if you have private keys).

Security Features

Let’s talk about its security features, it doesn’t share private keys and data with anyone it stores all the important details in your system only(such as private keys and logs. Now some of you will think what if anyone gets a hand on my system then it has a security layer for that too, it requires a password to authenticate send, receive, or export a private key so your funds are safe in it just like other old-fashioned wallets.

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How to Mine DingoCoin

Mine Dingocoin using Prohashing, mining Dingocoin is now got even simpler with Prohashing as they provide hash power on a rental basis and have an option to get a payout in dingocoin.

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Follow DingoCoin

Website: https://dingocoin.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dingocoincrypto
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nQ4wmrzHjX

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